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Pastor Diana Perkins has compiled stories that will bring a smile to the reader’s face and an appreciation for the Bible as well. The cost is $16.50 to cover the price of the book, shipping charges, etc. Mail your request and payment to: Diana Perkins, 69 Mayflower Hill Drive, Waterville, Maine 04901



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I was called to the Maine General Hospital by family members of a man who is dying of cancer.  I had never met the family though I had mentored the individual that is ill for many years.  I was surprised that the family knew me so well.  One lady met me in the corridor leading into the cancer center and spoke my name and asked me if I was Diana Perkins.  I was surprised and told her yes.  Later she talked to me on the phone and said that she had been reading the sermons and stories from our website and she had been brought up in a radical church so had not ever gone to church since she was grown and neither had she sent her children to church, but she loves reading the stories and I sense that she is having a change of heart towards God through this.


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